Back In February My Husband And I Booked A Virgin Cruise For November 2022 Through The Agent Imagine Cruising Paying £1 988

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Back in February, eVden EVe nAKliYat my husband and I booked a Virgin cruise for November 2022 through the agent Imagine Cruising, paying £1,988.
But hours later, we realised that we had accidentally booked for November 2023.
We emailed Imagine to cancel the next morning, but it said we could not have a refund and could only move the booking to new dates, which would incur an administration fee of £1,500.
We cannot travel on those dates in 2023 because it is our Grandson's Bar Mitzvah. Mistake: L.D and her husband booked a holiday online, but accidentally chose November 2023 as the date, eVdEN eVE NAkliYaT rather than November 2022
We wondering why there wasn't a 'cooling off' period in place for the booking - isn't this fairly standard?
We would like either the money back or a credit for the full amount so we can rebook.
We don't mind paying a fee as this was our mistake, but an extra £1,500 on a £2,000 holiday is excessive - especially as the firm won't have any trouble re-selling our cabin with almost two years' notice.

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But that excitement soon turned into horror, as you received the booking confirmation email and realised that you had accidentally paid for a trip in November 2023 - not November 2022 as you intended.
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